The Selling Process

I would love to have the opportunity to introduce myself!  We will discuss what your hopes and ambitions are for selling your home. I am able to advise you on what I am able to provide for you. 

We will discuss market conditions, fair market value and opportunities to market your property.  Together we will come up with an asking price that will ensure you sell your property quickly and get the best possible price.

Now let’s get it pretty!  We can discuss improvements to make your property stand out above all the rest! 

Ok it’s out there! As your selling agent I am here to hold your hand here. This is a big deal!

Offer’s will be influenced by the market conditions and the buyer’s motivation.

Offers are coming in! Are you happy with what you are seeing? Is there more than 1? I am here to guide you through!

Once an offer has been accepted, the buyer will place a deposit on the property. This deposit will be applied against the purchase price when the sale closes.

The Contract of Purchase and Sale includes the total price the buyer is offering and the financing details as well as a series of requirements that must be fulfilled prior to closing. The sale may be subject to such things as a home inspection, the sale of the purchaser’s property and/or the buyer obtaining financing.  We need to consider your needs and wishes here as well.

The Closing, Adjustment and Possession Dates are important considerations when deciding it’s time to go.  In general, the closing date is the day that the seller will receive the funds and the title will be transferred to the buyer. In BC, the possession date is usually 1 to 3 days after the closing date.